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Danby-Mt. Tabor Fire District #1 - Water System

Emergency: Call (802) 389-0081

      The Fire District was created in 1919 by Act 254 of the Vermont Legislature, An Act to Establish Fire District No. 1 in Danby and Mount Tabor. The inhabitants of the Fire District who are registered voters in either town are the legal voters of the Fire District. Officers are elected at the Annual Meeting. The three Prudential Committee members and the three Auditors serve staggered three-year terms and the other officers serve one-year terms. The Fire District maintains and operates street lights and a water system.

      The water system was constructed by Silas L. Griffith when he began purchasing rights-of-way for a pipeline from various land owners. In 1894, he purchased the "Spring Lot" from John and Catherine Grady for an undisclosed amount.

In 1946, the Fire District had a hearing before the public service Board because the still privately-owned water system was failing. It purchased the system from owner Mr. Gallagher for $2,000, the equivalent of $29,000 in 2019 dollars.

      Pipeline replacement of the 60-year-old 1.5" lines with 3-inch mains commenced. The tax rate was set at .60 to finance the project. In 1947, the District purchased the rights to the Carley Spring and related rights-of-way and this source was connected to the system. During the summer of 1979, a new 3,000 gallon concrete storage tank was built and the old 1880's springhouse was dismantled.


                                  During the late 1980's, many leaks appeared in the copper line from the Carley Spring to the                                     tank, and it was replaced with 2-inch plastic. In the early 1990's, leaks appeared in the

                             distribution lines and there were a number of positive bacteria tests. A two-year, two-phase,

                             two million dollar bond issue was approved by the voters and a modern control building,

                             50,000 gallon reservoir to replace the 3,000 gallon tank, and all new six-inch ductile iron and

                             blue brute plastic mains were installed. Finally, in 2005, a 950-foot bedrock well was drilled on                                     the District's land, as a back-up to the springs. The 23 acres around the Carley Springs was also                                     purchased to ensure a pristine watershed around that spring. The District owns a combined                                         watershed of 35 acres at the top of Easy Street.    

 Prudential Committee

 Jody Fuller, Administrative Contact     Thomas Fuller, Chair         David Langsett, System Operator



Treasurer/Delinquent Tax Collector

Bradley J. Bender


Water Quality Test Results

       For ongoing water system quality updates, visit the State of Vermont Drinking Water/Groundwater Protection Division - in the "water system name" box type in "Danby" and in the "search type" box select "bacterial data" from the drop down list; then hit the search button; a report will come up (this is updated on a regular basis).  Look at the 3rd and 4th columns - a 'P' means a positive result.  

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