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Voting Booths Background (2).jpg
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A Welcome Letter from Our Select Board:


Welcome to Danby.  

Tucked between the inspiring Green Mountain and Taconic Mountain ranges, our scenic views are spectacular.  We are home to seekers of quiet, rural beauty – over 36 square miles of winding, tree-lined country roads, rolling hills, trails, and brooks. Our farms provide agricultural, maple, and dairy products, and hunting and fishing opportunities are plentiful – yet we are only minutes from major ski resorts, retail outlets, arts, and theater.  


We are rich in history.  For over 250 years, many have called Danby home, including such notables as Pearl Buck, Nobel Prize-winning author; Silas Griffith, lumber baron and Vermont’s first self-made millionaire; and Thomas Rowley, “Bard of the Green Mountain Boys.”  Danby Village has nearly 80 historically significant buildings, while many more are located throughout our town. Danby marble, mined in the world’s largest underground marble quarry, can be found in the Jefferson Memorial, the US Supreme Court building, and remarkable architecture across the country and abroad.
Whether you live in Danby, relocating here, or planning a visit, you are welcome in our town. Do not hesitate to let us know how we can best serve you.

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