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Announcement from the Town of Danby Listers


     The Town of Danby, Vermont has contracted with New England Municipal Resource Center (NEMRC) to complete a reappraisal of all property in Danby for the 2023 Grand List. Appraisers for NEMRC will be completing interior and exterior inspections in your area during the coming weeks. Each appraiser will have identification. If no one is home at the time of the inspection, NEMRC will complete the exterior inspection and leave a card indicating an inspector was there. 

    You may go to this link  and enter the code provided to you by the listers, to review your current property information.

    For questions and concerns, please call the Danby Listers Office at (802) 293-5003 or via email: Thank you.

More Information click HERE

Online Access to Property Information


Grand List

View the latest Grand List, sorted by owner last name - it is in the form of a .pdf file.

Tax Maps

Danby's tax maps which delineate property lines across the town are provided below.

If you live in the village, open this index to find your map number, then proceed as below.

If you live elsewhere in town, open this file to find your map number, then proceed as below.

Once you locate your map number, go to this link and open the appropriate document - for example, if your map number is '1', open the document named 'Danby 1'.

For additional information, contact the Listers at the town office.

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