The legal voters of the Town of Danby are hereby warned and notified to meet in the Municipal Office, 130 Brook Road in said town on March 2, 2021 from 7:00AM to 7:00PM, 2021 to transact the following business by Australian Ballot.

 Article 1. Shall the voters authorize the collection of taxes on or before November 17, 2021 with postmarks accepted as timely   payment?

 Article 2. Shall the Town vote a budget of $1,277,264 to be raised by taxes to meet the expenses and liabilities of the Town for   the fiscal year of July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022 and authorize the Selectmen to set a tax rate sufficient to provide the same?


 Article 3. Shall the Town of Danby, Vermont allow the operation of cannabis retailers, or, so called, integrated licensees (i.e.   persons licensed by the state to engage in activities of a cultivator, wholesaler, product manufacturer, retailer, or testing   laboratory) pursuant to 7 V.S.A. ss 863?


 Article 4. To elect all Town Officers by Australian ballot for the ensuing year.

    Town Moderator - 1 year

    Selectman - 2 years

    Selectman - 3 years

    Delinquent Tax Collector - 1 year

    Auditor - 3 years

    Auditor - 1 year

    Lister - 3 years

    Trustee of Public Funds - 3 years




Elections Management Platform - This platform has three main parts: 


  • Elections Management System (EMS) – includes a new statewide voter checklist and other resources and tools to be used by town and city clerks across Vermont to conduct all of their election related business – from registering voters, to processing absentee ballot requests, to entering election results

  • New Online Voter Registration Tool – allows all eligible Vermonters to submit their voter registration application online anytime and anywhere they can access the internet; and

  • New “My Voter Page” – online resource that allows every registered voter to login and have access to a unique, voter-specific web page where they can request an absentee ballot, track its status, update their voter registration record, find their polling place, view a sample ballot, and much more.

Secretary Condos states, “I am very excited to announce the roll-out of Vermont’s first online voter registration system.  One of my primary goals as Vermont’s chief election officer is to increase voter participation. I am confident that our new online voter registration system and the ‘My Voter Page’ tool will increase engagement with the electoral process across the state and make it easier than ever for all eligible Vermonters to participate in our elections.”

Click here for the Vermont online voter registration page


For personalized election information, register or login to My Voter Page