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Town Projects, Volunteer Opportunities & Requests for Proposals (RFP's)

Current Requests for Proposals:

None at this time. When posted, response instructions will be included in the RFP.


Get involved with town government

This brochure outlines opportunities to get involved with town government - we could use your help! 

Town Plan Initiatives, working with the Planning Commission

As part of the Town planning process, we identify top priorities for the upcoming months and years.  The list below provides priorities set by the Select Board.  New to Danby is an ongoing process to ensure our goals are implemented and initiatives are refreshed annually (as opposed to every five years).


The Planning Commission is actively working on tasks in the plan - if you're interested in volunteering to assist, go to the "Contact Us" tab above and send us an email - we will be in touch soon!


Completed and Future Task Focus Areas:

Completed in 2015 to 2019:


  • Established the town website

  • Identified volunteers to implement major portions of the plan, to ensure community involvement and lower implementation costs.

  • Facilitated ongoing updates to implementation activities, ensured tasks are updated annually.


  • Worked with local private/government organizations to bring citizens together for events, common causes and activities:  Established the annual town-wide tag sale and 'Trunk or Treat' Halloween events.

Economic Development:

  • Worked with the Select Board to adopt a capital budget (for facilities and economic development).

Natural Resources:

  • Developed an education program for citizens to better utilize existing state regulations and ways to protect Danby’s natural resources on the town website.

  • Explored establishing a Conservation Commission to enhance natural resource protection - advertised information on Front Porch to determine if citizens had interest.

Land Use:

  • Established a complaint process that promotes active and productive communication between businesses and neighboring property owners to reconcile land use issues and concerns - available on town website.

  • Updated the application and obtained a renewal of the VT Village designation.


  • Made educational materials available on town website for homeowners, builders, and businesses concerning clean energy and efficient technologies, including information from Efficiency VT, the PACE program. and Vermont Energy Star Homes programs.

  • Completed an energy audit of town office- completed prior to 2015 and updated during town office renovations study in 2018.


  • Explored traffic calming and truck restriction measures throughout the town - with addition of 3 way stop sign in Village and other speed limit adjustments, this task was closed.

Hazard Mitigation/Flood Resilience:

  • Reviewed the recently approved Hazard Mitigation Plan, ensured an implementation and management process had been established.


Future focus areas:

Economic Development:

  • Study the feasibility of establishing a site that is appropriate for development of a light industry industrial park, incubator park, or business park along Route 7 corridor.


  • Study the hydro-power potential of Danby's waterways.

Facilities & Services:

  • Study ability to share costs of transfer station, road maintenance and other services with neighboring towns.

  • Identify new site for municipal garage and support town office enhancements / renovations

  • Implement methods to improve the efficiency of town operations.​

Hazard Mitigation/Flood Resilience:

  • Develop and put in place new Flood Hazard regulation that includes river corridor protection.

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