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Town of Danby Goals

Statement of Future Goals:


  • Foster a vibrant, prosperous, and socially inclusive community.

  • Promote the health, safety and general welfare and education of residents.

  • Protect and maintain Danby’s natural resources and scenic vistas.

  • Protect and conserve the value of property.

  • Encourage practical locations for residences, including affordable housing.

  • Keep a low level of tax burden on property owners by encouraging minimal town government.

  • Promote continuation of agriculture as an important part of the town’s economic base.

  • Encourage suitable commercial and industrial enterprises that align with land use designations, to provide opportunities for gainful employment of the residents and to add to the tax base.


Future Goals:


  • Express the long-range community vision relative to one or more area of the town plan.

  • This is a statement of achievement to which the town aspires.


Implementation activities for the town plan will be guided by the following:


  • The town recognizes and appreciates the difficulties and challenges involved in balancing the rights of all individuals within a community.

  • At the same time, the town continues to place a high value on property rights and intends to protect those rights.

  • The Select Board / Planning Commission endorse land use changes that, in their judgment, is in alignment with the Town Plan.

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